Saturday, February 09, 2008

Date night!!!

Finally, Dave and I had our second date since Rose was born. It was a lot of fun! We ate out at Outback Steakhouse and spent a wad of money there. Then we wandered the mall for a while and I bought some awesomely cute clothes at Christopher & Banks, my favorite store. We ran into Dave's aunt Joni and her family while we were there. Finally, we got in to see the movie.

Unfortunately, it was so stupid we couldn't stand to watch it once the popcorn was gone. Good thing the movie tickets were complimentary. We saw "Meet the Spartans." I kept waiting for a point or a punchline or something to keep it interesting, but after way too many homosexual references and a lot of pointless potty humor, we walked out. It wasn't our first choice, but all the movies we both wanted to see started too late for us (we needed to make sure we got home at a decent hour just in case the girls started falling apart and wouldn't go to bed), so this was a compromise movie because it started at a good time for us. There were a couple funny parts-- it was hilarious when the Spartans linked arms and skipped to the battle ground singing "I Will Survive" and Dave and I both really enjoyed the stepping and breakdancing, but other than that, the movie pretty much stunk. I guess you have to be a teenager to appreciate the type of humor in that movie, though I have to say no teenager of mine will be allowed to see that type of movie.

After Dave got a haircut, we decided to trek on home to make sure the girls got to bed. Unfortunately, Lacy and Rose both refused to go to bed, so we had to get them to that point. Hopefully tomorrow's stake conference won't be terrible because of it! I think we'll hang in the Primary room instead of in the chapel/gym. Otherwise, I don't think we'll be able to get through it. They both need baths and their hair washed. Hopefully nobody will notice they're stinky, because I think they won't have time for a bath tomorrow morning!

Last night, after Lacy went to bed, Dave ran up to Spanaway to pick up a toddler bed for Lacy. It came with princess and Dora sheets! It was a good deal and came with a mattress, so we decided to get it. It is totally cute, but a lot bigger than we thought! We got it to set up in our room, so Lacy would have somewhere to sleep besides our bed. And because we are paranoid about our children's safety, we decided to keep her in our room! I know, I know-- a little over-the-top, no? Anyway, Dave put her in the bed last night, and this morning, she woke up, "I'm in a princess bed!" She was so excited! Hopefully the novelty won't ware off for a long time, because I'd like her to stay in her own bed. At least most of the time, anyway. It's nice having a little extra space to move around. And, now that it's 2008 and it's okay for me to get pregnant (not that we're trying, mind you), we needed to clear up a little extra room in the bed. You know, just in case. So Lacy won't feel kicked out if and when a new sibling comes around. Of course, that could be in 4 or 5 years still, so it might be a moot point. Or it could be in 1 year. Who knows? All I know is, Dave is considering buying a (gulp) mini van, so it might not be too far off. And I am turning 30 this month, so the clock is ticking!

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Thom & Jenn Tobin said...

Date nights are WONDERFUL!! I am glad you were able to get out, but you NEED to do it more often then twice in two years:)