Thursday, February 14, 2008

She knows what she wants!

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Dave surprised me with two bouquets of flowers yesterday! I guess he didn't want to brave the crowds at the stores today after work. Smart man! Today we're going over to Leslie's house to take pictures of the kids. Yea!

I almost forgot this story, but it was too cute to forget to share! The other day, Lacy and Rose got out cans from the pantry. I thought I had put them all back, and locked up the pantry so I wouldn't have a big mess everywhere. Apparently I was wrong. Later that day, while I was in the back on this very computer, probably blogging, Rose brought me a can of mandarin oranges. And a can opener, which was put away in a place that I thought she couldn't get to!

So, we had oranges for snacktime that day.

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