Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nightweaning, day 3

I really don't remember much of last night. I have been so tired at night I just can't remember how the nightweaning goes! I think I did nurse her back to sleep around 4 am, but other than that I didn't do any nursing to sleep at all-- just a couple minutes here and there as she woke up, according to the plan.

Tonight is the big night-- no night nursing at all! Just cuddles and loves! I'm hoping it goes well, because we have three nights of this, and then four nights of not picking her up, just reassurances and pats.

Yesterday Dave took Lacy on a daddy daughter date. They dressed up-- Lacy wore her flowergirl dress and Dave wore a suit-- and saw a live musical, Rapunzel. Lacy enjoyed the musical, and sat on Dave's lap almost the entire time. She is such a daddy's girl! After the play, she got to hug Rapunzel. Then they picked up some ice cream, came home, changed, and ate it (and shared with us girls at home).

Today we had the big family birthday party at my sister's house. Boy was it loud! There were nine kids (okay, one was an infant, so he wasn't very loud, and Rose isn't very loud, just quietly destructive) and all of the sibs and our significant others, if applicable. So eight adults. We were outnumbered, and the kids let us know! They played outside for a while. Dave brought a couple of toys he bought for himself at Toys R Us yesterday when we went shopping for birthday gifts- a big styrofoam airplaine and a foam rocket launcher thing. They had a blast playing with the toys, and all the kids were running around outside. It wore both the girls out and they are sleeping quite soundly now. I'm thinking the outside air will help Rose finally start sleeping through the night! We had lasagna, bread, and two salads, opened a million presents for Turner, who turned 3 on the 21st, and two for Dave and me (thanks, guys! We are excited to go on a date together with our gift cards!). We played pin the Superman logo on the Superman poster, tried to destroy a Superman pinata, and ate Superman cake and ice cream. Dave bought a laptop from Mark while we were at it, and the Les, Dix, Kurt, Jackie, Dave and I all talked about the family commune we one day hope to live on, and what types of yurts will best suit our needs on this commune. I think with Kurt and Jackie, who work with their hands and love gardening, Dave, who has worked on a farm and knows everything about every kind of construction, and my dad, who is a general handyman, get-it-done guy, and also worked on a farm as a kid, we'll probably be okay. As for the rest of us... well, Les, my mom, and I can take care of the canning and other domestic tasks, but other than that, we're not really homesteaders. But we can learn!

Off to enjoy another night of nighweaning! Tomorrow's a busy day-- home blessing hour and lots of errands. Dave is currently between jobs, and he has a lot of running around to do. Fortunately the next guaranteed job is coming up in about five weeks, the one where he will be working 12 hour days 7 days a week for 3 months, and there is another tentative job possibly starting this week. Until then, he will get things done around the house, make presentations for the side job he's doing, and spend time with the family.

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