Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oh yeah-- it's Tuesday. We can watch TV again.

So, TV free week is over and it was a great success. In fact, instead of automatically turning on the TV at Rose's nap time, now I ask Lacy what she wants to do while Rose goes to sleep. For the last couple days, she hung out and waited for me. This evening she finally remembered that TV free week is over. So today she kept asking to watch "Joy To the World," her favorite movie. I think tomorrow she'll probably remember that she's allowed to watch TV again. Darn, I was hoping we could get out of the watch TV while I nurse Rose rut. At least we got a week and a half out of it! And I know we can get by without TV in our home, if it came down to it. I really appreciated Dave's support during last week. He normally comes home and watches TV, but last week he waited until the girls were asleep to turn it on. Thanks, Dave, you're awesome.

Lacy's quite the mama lately. It's very sweet. She is always playing with her dolls, or pretending that she's the mom and I'm the daughter. And she calls me Jessica a lot. I don't know why. Before it was Rachel. And her baby is almost always named Bella. I think for her birthday I'm going to sew a bunch of doll clothes for her. I think she'll like that. Anyway, the cute thing about this is that she is always nursing them and putting them down for naps. They always take naps on the big bed. Because, according to Lacy, babies pee on the potty and sleep in the big bed. That's her experience, therefore all babies do that. She knows, in theory, what cribs and diapers are for, and pretends to be a baby in a crib sometimes, but I think it's one of those "they have a crib and use it sometimes but it's not the baby's bed" type of a concept. That's how I was with bottles when I was a kid. I had no idea that some people didn't breastfeed. It was a total shock to me when I became an adult and found out that this wasn't something everyone did. Seriously.

On Saturday we went to the Procession of the Species, a very unique Olympia parade. It was so much fun! Lacy got a dog poop flower (a "dog" was on a walk and "pooped" a flower barrette). They gave it to the kid next to us, who didn't want it, so they gave it to Lacy, who looooooved it. She's a huge fan of flowers. In fact, I never knew how beautiful a dandelion was until I had children. I get daily bouquets of dandelions now. But I digress. We went last year as well. I plan to attend every year I can. It is so fun. Unfortunately Dave was working so he couldn't go with us.

Lacy's poop barrette

The monkey tree was really cute. There were lots of fun "animals" at this years procession.

After the parade, we had a sort of impromptu bar-b-que. It was going to be at Kurt's house, but Turner fell asleep so we had it at Leslie's instead. The girls had fun, but I was trying to keep Rose from falling off the balcony the whole time. Lacy just jumped on the trampoline for hours and had fun. While we were there, Dale gave Lacy a cute little Chinese dress that he picked up in Chinatown in LA. It is so cute! She wore it to church on Sunday. I should have gotten pictures, but I'm a bad mom and didn't do it. Sorry.

Sunday was pretty uneventful, other than Rose falling off the stage at church. She cried for probably 10-15 minutes, and was not acting like herself all night. We almost took her into the emergency room, but so far we have had exactly 0 trips to the emergency room and we didn't want to break our record. Well, that's not the real reason we didn't go (obviously). We checked her for signs of concussions, kept an eye on her all night, and determined she was totally fine, just probably had a little headache from the fall.

Yesterday I went to Costco and Fred Meyer. I spent way too much money. I just stocked up on some groceries and got gas, and by the time I got home I was $300 poorer. I've been making an effort to combine errands and drive a lot less, with an ultimate goal of not driving at least 2 days a week. After shopping and naps, I took the girls to the neighborhood park (walking distance! Bonus!) because they can't play in our yard and it was a beautiful day. Our grass is just starting to come up, so they really have to stay off it as much as possible. Lacy and I did plant a bunch of seeds on Monday, though, and we're really hoping they come up! I'm praying no more freezing temperatures! I had just transplanted some starts when it froze that very night! Darn weather.com-- you were wroooong! Liars!

And today. I really should blog every day, or close to it, because the kids do so much stuff and I don't want to forget any of it. They're so fun. Today was an at home day, so I did some chores around the house and we hung out. Later we got a little stir crazy, so I took the girls on a walk and they played at the park again. I brought home some huge dandelion bouquets and have them in water. I've been really worried about Rose's speech, since she only says about 50 words, which is on the low end of normal for her age. She doesn't pair words together, and she doesn't call herself by her name. She does sign a lot, though, and after making an effort to really listen carefully, I discovered she was saying a lot more than I thought (originally I was thinking she had about one or two dozen words, tops). Today she called herself WOSE! And I think she's just an artistic person and doesn't really need to speak. She sings constantly, though. She's almost always humming, or singing some gibberish words to some indeceipherable tune. It's very cute. Mark my words, she'll be my musical child.

Here are the girls after the trip to the park yesterday. The double stroller is so big and bulky I don't like to take it much anywhere unless they're both going to be in it for a while. I like Lacy to stretch her legs and walk as much as possible, but she gets tired on the way home, so I let her climb in the stroller with Rose.

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Rose just needs a cape and she can be a super hero. Rambunctious Rose and her sidekick gym girl. I feel a picture book coming on!