Monday, April 21, 2008

Check out that winning smile!

Here is Lacy's tooth a few days ago. This one you can see the decay on the side tooth there, but you can't see the molar decay. The first picture is a little fuzzy, but trust me-- it's so much better than it was before.

Today was the big day! Lacy's dentist appointment. It's been about a year since the decay was first diagnosed. It's a miracle that Evil Dental didn't pull the darned thing before they dropped us. Thank goodness her appointments kept on being canceled! I dropped off Rose at Leslie's house, and after a few minutes we set off to the dentist's office. First thing they did was weigh her. She is 31 pounds (and 40 inches tall, on the nose!). A couple minutes later, they gave her the juice (medicine to make them all woozy). It didn't seem to affect her much, because she kept playing. Mostly she was playing baby and mother. There was a doll there, and she got very creative with the play. She would nurse the baby and put her down for a nap a lot. I was so proud! After about an hour, we were taken back (the hour is for the medication to take effect- they were not running behind at all). They put some bubble gum stuff on her nose (nitrous oxide) and put a pulse reader on her finger, and the dentist did his work in only about 10 minutes. There were other people there when we got there, waiting for their turn after they drank the juice. The dentist didn't have to wait long at all between patients. It was all very smooth and smart. Evil Dental-- take note. This is how you can avoid a back log of 3 month appointment waits. They would schedule one of my kids for an hour, and nobody else would be scheduled during this time. So she would only be able to see about 8 people a day, depending on how long the procedures took. I estimate that our new wonderful dentist can see between 25-50 people a day with the way his appointments are set up. It was so great seeing how efficient he was. And GOOD! You can't really tell because the picture is kind of fuzzy, but her teeth look great!

Rose had to copy her sister's smile. And that front tooth that is all chipped and broken? That was repaired by Evil Dental. Twice.

One of Dave's favorite times of the day is when he can read to Lacy. They started reading My Father's Dragon. Dave says it is weird, but it came highly recommended. I say give it more time. Lacy and I are reading Charlotte's Web and we just finished Little House in the Big Woods.

We had a hail storm yesterday. This is during the storm. Plus you can see our completed back yard. We love it!

And this last picture I included because I love Rose's expression.

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