Monday, April 07, 2008

Hi, I'm Dave

said Lacy this morning when she first got up. She wasn't dressed, so after she got done with breakfast, I told her she needed to get dressed for the day. "I'm a boy and I wear boy underwear, not panties."

"Well, we don't have any boy underwear. So you need to pretend they're boy underwear, OK?"

"OK," she replied in her lowest "man" voice, "I want princess underwear. Yes, those ones." Her voice is still as deep as she can get it.

"Now we need to choose a shirt. Which one would you like."

Still in her low voice, "The flower one."

"And how about your pink boy stretch pants to go along with it?"


She later went on to say that she "goes to work" and her work is fishing, and that she had a headache (a constant refrain of Dave's).

And WAIT till you see what we've done with the yard! I'll post pictures later! Maybe on my family's blog, but I'll try to post today!

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