Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'm GYM GIRL!!!!!

Today was Lacy's first day of gymnastics. I had been wanting to put her in some sort of organized sport or dance for a long time, but I wasn't sure what type to put her in. I decided on gymnastics after talking to a gymnastics instructor in my ward. This will help her learn coordination, and she'll have more chances to socially interact. Lacy is naturally quite shy, so I like to expose her to other people when I can. Usually we go to story time, and she always has her class at church, but lately I felt like she needed something else in addition. Regardless, I feel like gymnastics will be a good base for her, to prepare her for whatever athletics she wants to participate in. Plus, it was during the day, and most dance classes are in the evenings. I'm not ready to give up our evenings yet. Lacy was so excited when I told her we were signing her up, and this morning when I told her we were going to gymnastics that day, she literally bounded out of bed and got ready. She wore her purple leotard, with her panties that stuck out of the sides. I'm not sure how other kids manage to have their panties stay in place, but she was the only panty-shower in the group. At first I thought perhaps it was due to her lack of bottom, but my sister informed me that isn't the case, as her juicy-bummed daughter had the same problem as my Lacy.

Can't you just see the excitement resonating from this girl? She was soooo excited, and had such a good time! They did a lot of things, and the gym had tons of fun stuff in it, in addition to all the advanced gymnastics equipment you see in the Olympics. Personally, I could never do gymnastics because the chalk they rub on their hands makes my skin crawl. I had to do gymnastics when I when to JFK and I hated that stuff. Yuck. Anyway, I watched Lacy running around, and tried to corral Rose at the same time, who kept asking to nurse, but I kept turning her down. Poor girl. Next week we will participate in the toddler parent-child class, and hopefully that will keep her from being too bored! Another mother suggested I put in a movie for her, but we're observing TV turnoff week, and I didn't want to break it when we've done so well all week! After class, Lacy was happy and excited about going next week. She loves her teacher, who called her Miss Lacy. She usually loves the adults in a group, and says her primary teacher is her best friend. I did notice that Lacy's demeanor is very different from the other children in the class. Lacy is quiet and kind of spacey, not very rambunctious and not a lot of energy. I'm thinking it may be due to lack of sleep (but not for lack of trying to regulate her sleep-- I think it's an airway anatomy thing and we're seeing an ENT about it next week). But I could be wrong (it's happened before-- once or twice).

I love this picture. Lacy is turning into GYM GIRL, ready to save the day from evil villains trying to rid the world of panty-showing clothing! By day, she is Lacy Lovely, a mild-mannered preschooler, carefully observing the world around her, ready to change into her alter-ego, GYM GIRL, any time the world needs saving!

Rose is ready to go, too. I've actually been worried about Rose's speech development, and she seems behind compared to where Lacy was at this age. So, I read up a little on speech delay, and I'm convinced she's within the realm of normal, especially considering she uses sign language a lot, too. I started writing down the words she knows, and after 30 words I realized that she knows a lot more than I was giving her credit for. She probably has a regular vocabulary of 5o words, expanding daily by one or two words, at least. At that rate, I won't be surprised if she catches up with her sister in a year! Not only that, she is very good at communicating, and Lacy speaks a lot for Rose, so she doesn't need to talk as much as Lacy did.

Lacy fell asleep tonight like this. Hi-larious. I took the book away after she was like this for, oh, an hour.

Better get to bed. Last night I was asleep at this time! That's what you get when you stop watching TV and reading trashy celebrity gossip websites (shame on me) and mind-numbing (but oh so fun!) bulletin boards!

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