Sunday, April 20, 2008

A conversation with Lacy

Mom, who I going to marry?
I don't know, Lacy.
Mom, I'm going to tell you a secret. (whispers in my ear) I'm going to marry Jonathan.
Your second cousin that was just visiting us?
Yes. What's his last name?
It's XXXXXX, just like ours.
XXXXXX? N as in Nancy, D as in David?

I guess my sweet pea listens to me a lot on the phone! Our last name (which I don't like to use on my blog for personal reasons) is difficult for most people to pronounce and spell, and it often sounds like I'm saying something else even if I spell it out, so I always give them a reference point for the consonants in my last name.


I had the bright idea today to take the kids to a violin concert! Two of my nephews were performing, so I took them, and they did a great job! Unfortunately, my kids didn't do so great there. Lacy reminisced about her daddy daughter date to Rapunzel, which took place in the same theatre as the concert, and informed me that her daddy built the building (he did help with certain aspects of construction of that building, but I think Lacy has the idea that her daddy built the whole thing by himself). But Rose didn't want to sit still, and just climbed up and down stairs and made lots of noise. She would sit still for longer periods of time for Leslie, but then would want me again, and wouldn't stay for more than 3o seconds in our seat.

After the concert, I took Lacy and Rose shopping at Toys R Us to prepare for the upcoming TV free week. I wanted to get Lacy some really cool stuff to do while I put Rose down for a nap, that she is only allowed to play with during that time, so she will not want to watch TV. That's the only time she ever watches TV anyway, so it's not really a big deal to give it up (for her). It's going to be harder for me, since I will be going "screen free," other than minimal computer usage to check and update blogs and email and bills. But I digress. We were pretty much done shopping, and walked by the dress ups section. Lacy is a HUGE fan of dress ups. There was a particular dress she HAD to have, and I'm not one to buy her things when she begs and pleads for them. She's already spoiled enough, I don't need to add to it! Anyway, she had a big tantrum in the middle of the store, and I wasn't able to calm her down. I ended up scooping her up, football style, and taking her out of the store kicking and screaming. I got a lot of sympathetic and "Glad it's you not me" looks from other customers. I completely ignored her on the way home, since she was still having a giant tantrum, and I won't egg her on by acknowledging it. When we got home, I put her in time out, on her bed, and she wasn't allowed out until she was calm. That seems to work the best for her. After a while she was finally calm, but had a couple more mini-tantrums later that day. Lovely.

I clocked out about 5 o'clock today. Unfortunately Dave didn't get in until 6:30, so I did my best to keep going until Dave got home. Thankfully, the girls adore their dad and try to emulate him in every way possible. His homecoming is the highlight of their day. In the following pictures, they are wearing his bandanas. Don't they look deliciously adorable in them? Especially Rose, for some reason, I just want to eat her up.

Lacy pretending she had a mustache

We ended up having a BBQ tonight with our friends Emily and Bill and their four kids. It was at our house, which is a switch since their house is much larger, but it was fun. Lacy loves playing with them, and they totally trashed the play room (which is fine since I can't even count how many times Lacy's assisted in trashing their rooms!). We had steak and salads, and Dave cooked up some scallops we ate as an appetizer. Ice cream for dessert. They were over until 9:30, which was fine since the kids' sleep schedule is totally screwed up anyway. Lacy crashed soon after they left, and Rose didn't until 10:30. She likes to nurse to sleep, but then wakes up immediately if I put her down. Then I have to rock her to sleep. After TV free week is over, we're working on her bedtime routine! I actually might work on naps first, then consistent wake up time, then bedtime. I'm not sure. All I know is, she needs to get on a schedule or Mama is going to go nuts. Her inability to sleep coupled with Lacy's stall tactics (MOM! I have to pee! MOM! Daddy forgot to brush my teeth! MOM! I need a drink of water! Etc, ad nauseum) is making me a candidate for the mental hospital!

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Les said...

Way to be strong at Toys R Us. I hate when I see parents giving in to their childrens' demands at store! I have lots of good stories of my kids thinking they were going to get their ways.