Friday, December 28, 2007

The Story of Stuff

One thing that I'm going to be blogging on here soon is my goals for 2008. One thing I'd like to do is live a more sustainable lifestyle. I found this fact sheet (PDF) from The Story of Stuff website that I'd like to share with you guys. The information is quite alarming. I'm going to be watching the movie Annie Leonard made "The Story of Stuff" hopefully this evening. I'm sure I will be shocked and appalled, and I will go into action. Hopefully some of you guys will also be appalled at what is happening in the world and will join me in living more sustainably.

• In the past three decades, one-third of the planet’s natural
resources base have been consumed.
• In the United States, we have less than 4% of our original
forests left.
• Forty percent of waterways in the US have become undrinkable.
• The U.S.has 5% of the world’s population but consumes 30% of
the world’s resources and creates 30% of the world’s waste.
• If everybody consumed at U.S. rates, we would need 3 to 5
• There are over 100,000 synthetic chemicals in commerce today.
• Only a handful of synthetic chemicals have even been tested for
human health impacts and NONE have been tested for synergistic
health impacts.
• In the U.S., industry admits to releasing over 4 billion pounds of
toxic chemicals a year.
• The average U.S. person now consumes twice as much as they
did 50 years ago.
• We each see more advertisements in one year than a people 50
years ago saw in a lifetime.
• In the U.S. our national happiness peaked sometime in the
• In the U.S., we spend 3–4 times as many hours shopping as our
counterparts in Europe do.
• Average U.S. house size has doubled since the 1970s.
• Each person in the United States makes 4 1/2 pounds of garbage
a day. That is twice what we each made thirty years ago.
• For every one garbage can of waste you put out on the curb, 70
garbage cans of waste were made upstream to make the junk
in that one garbage can you put out on the curb

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christine said...

Me and you think a like. Glad you put this post on and I totally agree with you obviously. Unfortunately the U.S. has become a country of 'excess' in every possible way. It is possible to live a 'green' life and if you do your homework you can buy your food from sustainable sources. It takes effort at first but then it is second habit. (You may be interested in You'd be surprised how you can get by with less and how it actually 'de-clutters' your life so much. Anyway, if you need ideas with this contact me.