Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Cute Cousins

My sister babysat my girls today so I could do a little holiday shopping, sans kiddos. After I got back, they were playing in an upstairs bedroom. Lacy said, "I'm Mary." I thought she said "married," so I responded as such, to which she said, "No. MARY." And then Regan, her 4 year old cousin, said, "And I'm the ANGEL!" And apparently Turner (2) was Joseph. A penguin was baby Jesus. Awwww, how cute, cousins playing Nativity!

And while I was away, Leslie (my sister) was holding Rose, her back to Leslie's chest, and Cooper (almost 3 months) was also being held by Leslie, in front of Rose. Rose couldn't get enough of him. She kept hugging him. She would reach around and squeeze for about 10 seconds, let off for a few seconds, and become overwhelmed with love for Cooper and hug him again. This lasted until Cooper decided he was overstimulated and needed some space! My Roo is a little sweetie and adores her baby cousin.

And I got the gift of counterspace for Christmas! Dave installed an over-the-range microwave for me yesterday. I was able to clear off two counter sections completely bare and I only have the one by the fridge occupied with unstoreable stuff, such as big canisters of grans and my Kitchenaid.

Funny story while the microwave was being installed... Dave the other day told me to try some jerkey his buddy Bill made. He told me he brined it in some applesauce and some other weird things. He said, "He put a lot of heart into it." Well, I took that to mean it didn't taste so good, but it was a nice effort. I took a bite and Dave told me that I just ate beef heart. I was so mad at him! I hate being duped! While I set the heart jerkey down so I could recover from the deception, he said, "You're not going to be one of THOSE are you? One who likes it until they find out what it is and then won't eat it anymore?" I grumbled but I ate it and even liked it (but don't tell Dave).

Yesterday I couldn't use the stove or oven, since Dave and Beef Heart Bill were installing the microwave. So I got out the ol' Microwave cooking cookbook and made, from scratch, a meatloaf, in the microwave. It called for an apricot glaze. He said, "you're not putting THAT in the meatloaf are you?" I replied, "No, of course not! This goes on top!" "Gross! I am NOT eating that!" I told him this is what's for dinner, and I'm not making anything else, and he'd better eat it AND like it! Bill told Dave, "She does have a point there." I called him a big old hypocrite and said he had better eat the loaf or he'd be one of those guys who has a total double standard and I won't put up with that!

He ate half the loaf. Bow down to the master microwave chef.

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