Sunday, December 09, 2007

Items of importance, from a 3-year-old's perspective

I'm really mad tonight. I'm having issues with a couple doctor's offices that aren't my fault. And instead of ranting and raving about them and making myself more angry, when I can't even do anything about them until tomorrow when they're open again, I'm going to post something very light and fun, to put me (and you!) in a good mood!

Today I found two purses of Lacy's that she packed with Important Items for some quick trips. I went through them and was going to put the purses and everything in them away, but I thought you'd get a kick out of what she finds important enough to pack up for a trip.

Purse #1-- white satin with pearl handle:
*sparkley purple sunglasses
*cloth baby wipe
*frilly ponytail holder
*pair of plastic Disney princess clip-on earrings
*tiny rubber snake (appears to be a cobra)

Purse #2-- furry purple with "Princess" embroidered on it:
*a toothbrush for both Lacy AND Rose
*wooden block ("L" and "Y" on the sides)
*broken blue beaded bracelet
*giant plastic toy fishing treble hook
*plastic heart-shaped clip-on earrings
*incredibly gaudy plastic "fancy" necklace

Do I have a girly-girl, or what?

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