Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas Eve! Or, the Giant Playtent (oh no!)

We bought a play tent for the girls for their big gift from Santa this year. I thought it was going to be smallish to medium sized. It is huge. We opened it and it took up the entire space in the living room between the couches and chairs. Shoot. I have no idea where it will fit when they play with it. It will be an outside toy this summer, for sure. And maybe on nice days this winter and spring, too! They're going to like it, but Mom would like it a heckuva lot more if it was smaller!

Last night I was having trouble sleeping because I heard a lot of noise outside. I was a little scared so I decided to do the smart thing and walk into the living room, barefoot in my jammies. I looked out to the back porch and saw this:

Yikes! There were actually two of them at one point. I woke Dave up and we watched these guys for about 10 minutes. Dave opened the door a crack and the first one tried coming in! I was ready to run out and get a gun, 'cause it scared the bejeezers out of me! Then Dave had to go feed them (it is the holidays, after all) and I complained that we might have more frequent visitors due to his feeding them!

I guess Lacy is still not well completely. She had a fever last night and was super crabby tonight at Dave's dad's house. But at least she looked cute!

At one point she was crying and whining so much (I think someone told her no and it shattered her!) that the only person that could console her was Jeremy's girlfriend Melissa. Who gave her a french braid.

Rose was really cute with her cousin Allison. They played together as best as two one-year-olds can. Rose liked to give her hugs and was really sweet, most of the time.

We opened some presents over there and the girls each got a book and an outfit, Rose got a puzzle and a Kelly doll, and Lacy got a lap desk and some body wash. We left there around 7 with the girls in jammies, did spiritual time in the car, and it's a good thing we did. They were just tuckered out after Christmas Eve!

Unfortunately only one of these girls stayed asleep (Lacy). The other is finally back to sleep and I'm considering putting her in bed in a minute so I can start setting up for tomorrow. I think Dave is wrapping some of my presents so I'll wait a few more minutes first.

I'm looking forward to Christmas morning! The girls should love their gifts. We will hurry up and get out of here, bring the ginormous princess castle tent thing with us, have breakfast at the Abersold's, and exchange gifts! I still have to finish up a couple details with Dixon's funny gift, but we're ready to go, otherwise. We got Kurt an awesome gift that I won't divulge on the off chance that he actually reads my blog.

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