Friday, December 07, 2007

It's the Christmas Season!

We're finally starting to feel somewhat better after more than TWO WEEKS of illness in our home. Somehow Dave got out of being sick. That is a first for him! But I'm extremely grateful because he never had to go to work feeling very ill. The girls both had a day of the pukes, and two weeks of coughs and runny noses, with Lacy's case being worse off than Rose's. Of course this is Lacy's first cold and flu season without the extra boost of Mama Milk to keep her going! I almost feel guilty about weaning her for that reason. Almost.

Many of you may have heard of the floods and devastation that has occurred in Lewis County, Washington. Tonight there was apparently a news story about all the Mormons who helped out in the area. All the volunteers from our church wore yellow shirts and were doing everything they could to help out in this extreme time of need. Dave decided to blow off the very last day of elk season in order to go down to Chehalis to help out in some of the hardest hit areas. I only wish I could go as well, but having a nursing toddler means an all-day excursion is not an option for me. It's been 7 months since I quit my job, and I doubt she will fall asleep for anyone else at this point at nap time!

Tonight while driving home, Dave had a strong prompting to go visit a family that lives nearby. He tried to ignore the prompting but it was so strong that he could not. When he arrived at this family's home, the wife answered the door, "what brings you here?" Dave told her, "I'm not sure. I just felt like I really needed to be here." This wonderful sister broke down into sobs and started telling Dave that her grandson was just rushed back to the hospital after being released recently from a four-day stay, for RSV and pneumonia. I was very touched to hear of a situation where the spirit prompted someone to help someone else who needed a shoulder to cry on.

OK, I'm getting close to the end now! If you're still with me, you will be rewarded for coming to the end of this post! We had our ward Christmas party tonight, and I got to dress up my little angels in their Christmas dresses. I must say that my cuties were the best dressed of all the children there. We left the party just after 8 (which is after their bedtime!) and headed home, and both girls were in bed by 9. A late night, but they had a good time, and were sure cute tonight! And I have photographic evidence! Keep in mind that this is after the party (this airheaded blogger remembered to bring our camera but forgot a memory card! D'oh!) and both girls were up past their bedtime. I still think they turned out pretty cute!

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