Monday, January 07, 2008


Yesterday was Lacy's first day in Sunbeams. And Rose's second full day in nursery. There was another little girl who had her first day in nursery and she was fully upset to be placed in there. Rose couldn't care less. She walked right in, ignored me, and played for two hours. She sort of noticed me when nursery was over and I picked her up. But still kind of wanted to play. I'm so glad at least one of my kids likes their class at church! Because Lacy's day wasn't so smooth. She was a bit testy all morning, and when she went to Sunbeams in the Primary room, she wouldn't let me leave. She would scream and she was hugging on to me and attaching herself to me. I couldn't take it anymore so I took her outside, found Dave, and he sat with her the second half of opening exercises. She went happily to class though, when it was just her and the other Sunbeams and her teacher. There are 6 Sunbeams this year, including 2 named Shay. Four girls and two boys. Should be a fun class!

Here's the girls Sunday morning, all ready for church

And Lacy, terrified, in the Primary room on her first day of Sunbeams. I think the older kids intimidate her. Hopefully next week will be easier.

I guess Lacy's my shy kid. I have a feeling Rose won't have any trouble transitioning to Sunbeams! But then again I have two more years until she reaches that age, so who knows how she'll react!

Well this morning I discovered why Lacy was such a brat yesterday, and so difficult in Sunbeams. She was sleep deprived! She went to sleep before 8 yesterday and woke up after 11. I was just finishing up my FlyLady challenge to wipe my countertops while I was on the phone, and she FINALLY woke up! She went to bed beautifully tonight, so I guess she had a bit of a sleep debt. I might try to get her to bed each night at 7 this week to see if it helps, so that she doesn't sleep in all morning the next day! Tonight we had Family Home Evening so we had to finish that before bedtime.

Today is the first day of my parents' mission! They entered the MTC this morning in Provo, Utah. Apparently the MTC didn't have record that the first presidency changed their mission to Munich! Uh oh! Well, they have wireless internet access and are blogging (unlike the poor unfortunate young adult missionaries, who can't have that type of technology!) so if anyone wants to keep up with what's going on with their mission, check on them at the Abersold Family Blog! We're so excited to have missionaries in our family! We know we'll all be so blessed while they are away. I know they'll be great and we'll miss them terribly (especially Lacy), but they will do such great work for the Lord.

Dave's been working hard this week and is getting a lot done! He is off work but has a side business going that is working out very well for him. He has a ton of contacts already and is making it possible for us to pay off our mortgage in less than half the time. I'm so proud of him! Go Dave!

Lacy's really been suffering from eczema lately. She has scratched her "knee pits" to shreds, to the point that we keep them bandaged all day long so they have a chance to heal. We're going to focus on a few things to help take away whatever it is that's bothering her. She has a patch on her face, behind one of her ears, and on the back of her neck, in addition to the knees. You can see the face patch in the "terrified" picture. I think Rose has some eczema as well, so we will likely go on a total elimination diet as a family in the near future. I will be getting a book soon that will help guide us through that process. I need to mentally prepare myself though, because it is going to be HARD WORK.

Rose is officially potty trained! She wears panties all day long and only wears diapers while she sleeps and when we're out and about. She tells me she has to go potty by banging on the bathroom door until I notice! LOL! We started the elimination communication process at 7 weeks, and while she wasn't trained significantly earlier than Lacy, only 5 months, I think it's an achievement in this society to have a child potty trained before the age of 2. Before I started, I thought it was just a fringe hippie movement, too weird even for me, the woman without the crib who just weaned her 3 year old, but when Rose insisted on being potty trained (she cried HARD before she peed, would wait till the diaper was off to go, and got a pretty bad rash that made me look into it more closely) I realized it was a great choice for our family. And I even did it while working full time! And Just 8 months after I quit, she is an EC graduate!

That's the update for now! You get a medal if you finished reading this entry! Keep in mind this isn't just a blog, it's the only way I'll keep a journal, so you can just deal with it :) Hope everyone's having a great year so far!


Thom & Jenn Tobin said...

WOW! Potty trained already!! I am so happy for you:) And proud of littel Rose, she is so young! I was proud of myself for having a boy potty trained at 2, but not o much now:) No babies in diapers, how fun for you and Dave, but you know what that means? In Nadeau language it generally means time for another baby:)
I cannot wait until this summer to see you guys at Yellowstone, we are so looking forward to it:)!

Carolyn said...

We're thinking of getting the baby machine working again after Rose turns 2. But we might just wait another year! We'll see. I really love being pregnant but the thought of another baby is a little scary!

Angela said...

What an exciting day for you!! That means this year will be your first "real" Primary Program too! :) And how awesome that your parents are on a mission. :)