Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Lord always comes through!

We have been so nervous lately about money. Dave was at a great job, with Dave being among the best workers in the company, being the most efficient and hardest working. Well, he was a little too efficient because the big group of plumbers couldn't keep up with Dave and his 2-man crew (his boss and one other guy!) so they did a temporary lay-off for 1 week, which turned into 2 weeks, which turned into 3 weeks. Well, Dave finally had to file for unemployment yesterday, which practically took all day. We've been doing our very best to be faithful members of the Church with having daily family scripture study and the like, and we've been praying for a miracle to help us through. We've had a lot of things happen for very recently that are quite positive and will help our financial situation.

Dave was called yesterday from the Union Hall. A company wants him for 9 days to do some prep work for a huge job coming up. Dave was the only person available for the job. Well, 9 days of prep work are 9 days straight (with Saturday off for the wedding), and they're 12 hour days. He'll be starting tomorrow. That's 24 hours this week, and with overtime the equivalent to 108 hours next week. And that's if he doesn't work a week from Sunday, which would be an additional 24 hours. So in just a week and a half, he'll be making up for the 3 weeks he's had off, almost.

Plus he'll be getting at least one $500 unemployment check. Maybe one more, but probably just the one.

In addition, we should be getting about $100 for prescription drug reimbursements from the union health plan. And we don't have to pay car insurance for 3 or 4 months because we overpaid for almost an entire year. A savings of about $100 a month.

We are also working on a new business with Daren Falter, who has written the book on home based businesses (literally), who just happens to be best friends with my sister and her family. This has potential to make us a lot of money if we put in the work now. So Dave's out at the Sportsman's Show networking and getting business cards. Plus he wanted to go to the show LOL. With this business, we will be able to pay off our mortgage in 14 years if we don't increase our monthly spending, and if we do increase our mortgage payment in just 7 years. And we had 28 years on a 30-year mortgage left, with a $100,000 balloon payment due at the end. And this is without refinancing. Anyway, it's a really awesome business opportunity and will certainly bless our family and many others as well.

Meanwhile, the girls are sick and the wedding is on Saturday. Ugh. I really hope their coughs go away before then! They were finally better, and now BAM! Sick again. They are croupy, slightly pukey, and barely fevery. But mostly croupy. Plus Rose's teeth are horrible and I tried having her fall asleep on her own last night when she woke at 2. No dice. She fussed, cried, and whined for an hour until I gave in and nursed her back to sleep. I'll try it again in a week or two when Dave isn't working crazy hours anymore and she's over her cough. She has to have some major dental work done soon and I'm not looking forward to it. In the meantime, I need to focus on having it not get any worse.

And just some random pictures that have nothing to do with this post.

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Thom & Jenn Tobin said...

Such sweet beautiful girls! I love their pictures, they are just adorable!
I am really glad that things are working out for you guys financially, I feel the burden with you, but not the relief yet:) But God is in control, and He has blessed you, and I am so happy for you:)