Tuesday, January 29, 2008

How do I make this into lemonade?

It appears that my dishwasher took its last breath. Bummer. I really didn't want to buy a new dishwasher right now. But on the plus side, we will be getting a tax refund that is bigger than I expected, plus washing dishes by hand conserves water and energy.

I forgot the cutest thing from the other day when I was making lemonade out of our freezer coming unplugged! As soon as it hit me that I needed to be positive about the experience, I started singing (with Lacy), while I was chipping ice away and cleaning the freezer (ironic that there could be so much ice in the freezer yet everything was thawed out) "We're making lemonade, we're making lemonade, hi ho the dairy-o, we're making lemonade" to the tune of "Farmer in the dell." Dave called in the midst of this and Lacy answered the phone saying, "Hi daddy! We're making lemonade!"

The next day my hand ached from chipping so much ice!

Yesterday, Dave stopped working after 3 hours of his 12 hour shift. His foot hurt like the dickens. I called up Dr. Rice, a podiatrist that is a family friend from Shelton, who scheduled him in that very day. Dr. Rice told him that he had two joints in his foot rubbing together, which was made worse by the type of work Dave does. He got a cortisone shot in his foot and a makeshift orthotic for his boot. He will need custom orthotics which will cost about $800, but insurance should cover the cost for 85% of that. The orthotics have a 90% success rate, but if that doesn't work, he'll need surgery to correct it. Let's pray the orthotics work!

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