Thursday, January 31, 2008

Seriously, do they always talk this much?

I don't think I have ever heard a little girl talk as much as my little Lacy did today. But then again I am not around other little girls as often as I am around Lacy. She talked my ear off! All afternoon! She was talking about whatever, anything, and everything for a good hour before we set off on our errands, then she kept talking the entire time we were in the car! I actually had her play the quiet game from the time we went to the bank to the gas station, so I could relish in silence for a few minutes at least! Oh my gosh, it drove me batty!

At the grocery store, they had a little cart and I figured she'd like to help me grocery shop, which she did. She loved it! She had a bunch of our groceries in her little cart, and was really good, albeit chatty, in the store. Then we got back to the car, and her mouth kept going, a mile a minute! I tried playing the quiet game again, but she had to tell me every time Rose made a sound, "Mom, Rose didn't win. She's talking."

We got home and it was more of the same-- talking, talking, talking! Oh my gosh! Does it ever stop?

Well, eventually the talking turned into crying and fighting. I think Dave's crazy 12 hour day schedule is throwing her off. I've been letting her stay up late (until 9, tops) so she can see her dad every day. Otherwise, she wouldn't see him. It caught up to her today. So, even though Dave isn't home yet, she is in bed asleep. I think she needed it bad tonight. Tomorrow, she'll get to stay up to see her dad again.

And, Lacy has been volintarily sleeping in her own bed. It is a Dora-themed Ready Bed. Which she loves. But she will sleep in it every other night. So last night, she slept in the Dora bed, tonight she's sleeping in our big bed, and tomorrow she said she will sleep in the Dora bed again. The only thing is, it deflates by morning, and the first night it was kind of covering her face when we woke up, which didn't sit well with me. So last night I put a big king-sized pillow in the bed with her, and it was fine. Deflated by morning, of course, but fine. And I can't find the darned leak anywhere in the bed! Dave and I will probably get her a toddler bed soon, that she can pick sheets out for and everything. Either that or we will have her start sleeping in her own bed in her own room, but that is a little too far away for my comfort level! (I know it sounds paranoid, but a former coworker of mine lost two grandbabies in a house fire, and they would still be here today had they been in their parent's room. So I'm a little afraid to have her so far away! I know, I have issues)


Thom & Jenn Tobin said...

LOL, well if oyu have issues, I have issues, I wish all my kids could sleep in my room with me, for the same reasons, what is there si a fire? What if somebody breaks in? And the list goes on, and at night when you are laying there in bed in the dark, there are so many more that you can think of:) I personally think it is a normal reaction for a mother. We are supposed to take care of them in all situations, how can we take care of them if we don't think ahead? I drive myself crazy thinking about all the what ifs. And it is only because I have so many kids that they do not sleep with me, but when Thom is out of town we have sleepovers in moms room, I put down the futon into a bed that is in our room at the foot of our bed, and we all sleep together, it calms me so:)
So don't think you are odd, you are a mother, and that is just what we do:)

Carolyn said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who thinks that way!

Jenny G. said...

I can totally relate! Have you reached the "why?" stage yet? Holy cow Hunter this last summer "why this, why that?" Sometimes I didn't have an answer and it just kept going and least he has an intrest in learning though right?