Thursday, March 01, 2007

Singing in church, new tooth, mama...

I forgot to post that on the 18th I sang a solo in church. I sang "I feel my savior's love" and "I wonder when he comes again" with Brother Carpenter in my ward. I sang the first two verses of "I feel my savior's love" then all of "I wonder when he comes again" and finally the last verse of "savior's love." Brother Carpenter did a great job on the piano. I frogged up in the beginning and couldn't quite hit the high note, so I had to clear my throat, but I was okay after that. I think I did a good job. The good news is I am officially over my stage fright and didn't get even a little bit nervous. I think having my calling as ward chorister helps a lot.

I also played piano in church last sunday (the 25th). It was last minute so I didn't get to practice. I guess I haven't lost it all because I was able to fake my way through the songs pretty well, and the first song I had never played before. Yay for sight reading!

I noticed this morning that Rose cut a new tooth! I'm sure the 6th tooth will be soon to follow. It was on the top right side.

We achieved a wonderful milestone on Sunday! Rose said, "MAMA!" Dave was holding her in the other room at my folk's house. She saw me through the door and said it. It was so clear that I thought Lacy had said it. I looked around and realized that Lacy was downstairs playing with Marilyn (not aunt Marilyn, Lacy's future cousin who is 4 years old). Rose had said it! It was so sweet. Of course she hasn't said it since, but once is enough for me for now. I know she knows what it means. Rose has also been doing very well at pulling herself to standing lately, for about the last two weeks. I'm not sure if I wrote that down and I would be upset with myself if I forgot to keep track of that!

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Angela said...

Sounds like your life is going great! :) Thanks for taking me quiz! I am so impressed that you did so good! Good job! The ones you missed, I collect Teddy Bears, also Grant kicked me out of another guys apartment in Sept. and then we were in the accident in November. Sorry, that was a tricky one! :)