Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Over the past couple of weeks we have been celebrating our family’s “Birthday Season.” Today is my birthday (my first 29th birthday to be exact!). Ten days ago on the 17th Dave turned 29. Our nephew Turner turned 2 on the 21st and Dave’s brother turns 22 tomorrow. And there are several more birthdays in March.

Celebrations and gifts for Dave this year: On the 16th we received a cake from Dave’s family. He also got an I-Tunes gift card from Tuana. Saturday we invited family over for dinner and had some really yummy stakes. I made him a chocolate cake from scratch with chocolate icing. Dave enjoys grilling so he made dinner. Lacy gave Dave a new set of cufflinks. Rose gave him a CD (John Mayer). Dave bought himself some boots so those were his gift from me, even though I didn’t pick them out or anything. To make up for the lack of surprise, I got Dave some candy as well, and I haven’t even eaten it at all. Sunday we went to my folks’ house for dinner. We had what was supposed to be kaluha pork but it ended up being barbeque pork. We had another cake, yellow with chocolate icing. Dave received an I-Pod from my parents (that we still don’t know how to work!).

On to me. We ended up doing the celebration with my family on Sunday and yesterday with Dave and the kids (and Tuana). Sunday we had fried chicken (though I really wanted Hawaiian Haystacks) and I received a gift card to the mall for $200. I also received a promise of a new closet organization system! YAY! Dave decided to celebrate my birthday yesterday due to the fact that he is starting a new job today and doesn’t know what time he’ll be off. He had some training for cyanide and that ended early in the day, so Dave went shopping for me and also picked up the girls so I didn’t have to (that was a surprise that I didn’t figure out until I was at my car going home!). When I got home, Dave started giving Lacy presents to give to me. It was a themed birthday this year—from Lacy, a chocolate cookbook (unfortunately it is not made OF chocolate, only about how to COOK chocolate); from Rose, a new set of heavy duty stainless steel measuring spoons, including a 1/8 and ¾ tsp measurer, rectangular in shape to fit in little spice jars; from Dave a nice set of heavy duty stainless steel measuring cups, including a 1/8, 2/3 and ¾ cup measurer; just when I thought he was done, Dave surprised me yet again with a brand new super sharp and wonderful chef’s knife (Henkels brand) and honing steel. It cuts like a dream! I already sliced my finger on it @@ Dave made some yummy ricotta and spinach stuffed chicken for dinner, and served it up restaurant style with appetizers and the whole nine. We didn’t have cake because we were all caked out at this point. This morning I dropped off the girls and Tuckerby had a present from his family—an Alton Brown Good Eats DVD collection—3 DVDs in all. I’m not sure how many episodes that is. I guess everyone’s telling me something—I’d better get cookin’!

I have no pictures of our celebrations because frankly it is boring to take pictures of adults turning older. Perhaps next year we will take pictures because we will be officially ancient.

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christine said...

Sounds like you had a good birthday!