Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Rose is climbing!

Yesterday Dave was home with the kids. He called me at noon to tell me that while he was making mac and cheese for lunch for the girls, he looked back into the living room and Rose was standing up on the couch. She was on the floor when he left her in there. Dave asked Lacy how she got up there. "She climbed," she said, nonchalantly. He kept pressing and she demonstrated how Rose got up there. So I have another climber! *sigh* I'm in for it.

We've been having a heckuva time with sitters this week. My regular sitter is sick with strep throat (actually her whole family is) and today my other sitter called to tell me her kids were all sick. That wasn't a big deal until Dave got called in for a drug test for work. He will be starting a new job on Tuesday but before he can start he has to get a drug test but he needed to leave immediately. So I'm home with the girls, again. But at least he'll be home with them tomorrow and Friday so I won't have to worry.

Lacy has been really clumsy lately and falls off chairs (which she uses as step stools because she insists on helping me make food in the kitchen). She fell off the other day and landed hard on I believe her pubic bone, and now I think it is bruised and it hurts her a lot. She's been complaining a lot about it and last night she woke up at 1 in the morning (and therefore waking up Rose, who had to pee anyway-- she had a dry diaper and wanted to keep it that way). After giving her Tylenol, Dave gave her a blessing, which Lacy was enthusiastic about receiving. She would repeat some of the words in the blessing and afterward, she said, "Thank you daddy, I'm all better now." She cuddled down with Dave and fell asleep that way. Then another time in the night she woke up and thanked Dave again. What a sweet heart. She's not totally better but the fact that she wanted a blessing and has so much faith that blessings work is so humbling to me.

We've decided we're going to set a quit by date and get as much stuff taken care of before then. It will be sometime in the range of June-September I think. Afterward I'm going to start an online business. I have a new idea for a great diaper that would work awesome if you're ECing, but would also be a great diaper for kids who aren't EC'ed as well. I'm trying to make the prototype and have the basic design figured out but I need to make some changes still. I also have to figure out how to market things on the internet and set up an online business! I'm going to be one busy mama!


christine said...

Good Luck w/the business!

Tuan's Princess said...

Count me in for the EC dipes!! I love that he can go bare-bum with no bulk between his legs. The fact that sposies are a little bit less bulky than cloth is part of what keeps me from going to cloth dipes. I'm very, very interested in your product. Good luck with it!