Friday, March 09, 2007

So, which is it?

I do elimination communication with my 9 month old. Have since she was 7 weeks old. It is a gentle type of infant potty training that relies a lot on instincts, timing, and in the beginning luck. It is a great way to learn to communicate with one another before verbal communication begins. But it is very misunderstood by many people in the western world. Someone recently accused mothers who potty train their infants of trying to make them grow up too fast (she later recanted when she realized what EC actually is, but many people feel this way and don't recant).

I also practice extended breastfeeding, based on the World Health Organization's recommendation of breastfeeding for a minimum of two years. Not something that a lot of people know about, but not something that I hide, either. But I've seen arguments where extended breastfeeders are accused of trying to keep their children infants and not allowing them to grow up.

So which is it?

Am I keeping my children babies by nursing them well into toddlerhood (and possibly into childhood)? Or am I making them grow up too fast by potty training them early? Or do they cancel each other out and they're growing up just exactly as their non-EBF'ed non-EC'ed peers do?

It just really bothers me that something that is different than societal norms is considered wrong just for the fact that it is different! I think my children are growing up perfectly, just exactly as they're supposed to. I'm so lucky to be their mother.

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christine said...

People criticize what they don't understand or are fearful about--you do what you feel is best and as long as your kids are healthy and happy who gives a rats ass about what people say. There's a lot of mixed messages out there and I think it depends a lot on who is funding who to say what--Look at food--vast opinions on what is healthy or not. People were once very wary on alternative therapies, ideas and now modern doctors are implementing Eastern practices like acupuncture, yoga, aromatherapy, etc. Your probably just ahead of your time than some---(by the way I think anything like EC is great because it gets the kids communicating). Anyway--I admire you for standing tall for your convictions!!