Monday, March 12, 2007

Night time troubles

Lacy's sure been a handful in the last 24 hours. She was pretty good for most of church, but Dave had to keep going out with the baby so any misbehavior on her part I blame on lack of parental supervision (I'm the chorister so I'm only with the family during the "meat" of the meetings).

She took a nap okay, but since church gets out at 2:30 she didn't fall asleep until 4. We were considering skipping the nap but she was being pretty naughty so I decided that was a bad idea. I decided that I would wake her up before 5. Well, she just wanted to cuddle and nurse for a half hour or so. Finally she got up and we had a pretty good evening. We had to get Dave's mower from Tom's house, so we drove there and I followed Dave home in the car with the hazards on.

Dinner was simple-- nachos. Yum. Lacy and I had made cookies earlier so we had some of those for dessert. Rose ate papaya baby food. I don't give her baby food much anymore but since I had some in the pantry I decided I may as well use it up. She loved it. Bed time was a challenge. Dave needed to be on the road by 4 today so we were all in bed by 9 (which is pretty good for us, plus we thought it would be better because of the time change and Lacy's late nap). Ugh. It was awful. I was so sore from nursing Lacy so much that day, but that's all she wanted to do. She was FREAKING OUT. I took her into the other room several times and she cried a lot. She screamed a lot, too. I kept taking her back in and she was naughty and wouldn't settle down. Finally Dave took her in the bedroom and eventually she fell asleep. She kept drifting off then waking up with a start. Dave thinks she was scared of something, we just don't know what. I do know that she's been having nightmares a lot lately. Dave only got about an hour's sleep. He has to be in Seattle by 6 to hopefully find work from the Union so he's really hurting today. I prayed for him for about an hour this morning. Hopefully he's doing okay. He left with an energy drink and lots of cookies.

As a consolation for last night being so crappy, at least Lacy was really cute yesterday. She loves this Young Ambassador's program that we have on the DVR. She insisted upon having her hair done up in a ponytail like the girls on the TV (though she screamed when neither Dave nor I could get it right... after 5 tries!) and wanted to wear a twirly dress to dance in. She really loved the song Shapoopy and asked for us to play it over and over (and over, and over, and over...). She was spinning and dancing all over the place last night.

A little Rose story that I've been meaning to post... Rose crawled over to the bathroom toward her potty the other day. I thought maybe she was trying to tell me something. SHE WAS! I put her on the potty and she pooped instantly. YEA ROSE! Also she has 6 teeth now... did I mention that? She cut a bottom side tooth on the right. She has neither of her side left teeth but both the right ones! That's a little out of order there! Hopefully the other two will come in soon so her rash will go away.

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Tuan's Princess said...

Ugh - I'm so sorry your night went horribly. I hope things go better with your husband. So sweet of him to help with the nighttime parenting even though he had to get up super early. You picked a good one. Take care,