Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Prayer time

Lacy decided that it was her turn for family prayers tonight and that we couldn't help her at all. So here's the gist of what she said: After the basics (HF, thank you for the day, family, etc), she talked about nursing it all gone, blessed our friend/houseguest Tuana several times, jabberd on for a little while, and ended by saying, "okay, bye." We had to remind her how to end the prayer right! Dave several times tried helping Lacy but she wouldn't have it. "No, I say it by myself!"

At the babysitter's, Lacy will often tell them that she can have something or do something because "my mommy said yes." During the day, Chris or Melissa would ask her to do something and she would ignore them, but finally they would say, "Lacy, your mommy said yes" and she would do it.

Lacy had a dentist appointment today to try to fill two cavities. Unfortunately those didn't get filled, but Lacy did a great job otherwise. She followed the instructions of the dentist very well. I just kind of sat back, observed, and kept my mouth shut. We scheduled an appointment for July just before her 3rd birthday for some sedation dental work. She needs to have two cavities filled and some discoloration on her front teeth fixed. I'm a little nervous about it because it says to make sure they don't sleep on their backs if they're sleeping because they can choke, and some other things that just made me leery of the dental work. Dave gets insurance April 1 and he has a different dental insurance plan so I might get a second opinion and perhaps find a treatment a little less scary for mommy!

Speaking of teeth, Rose is cutting two more teeth. I'm hoping they'll pop through soon. She has a runny nose, a rash, congestion and a cough, general irritability... all the classic signs of teething for my children!

Tonight I went and spent my gift card at the mall. I almost spent the whole thing and only got 3 outfits, but BOY are they cute! I shopped at Christopher & Banks. I love that store! I got a cool patchwork skirt and an orange shirt to go with it, two casual work shirts and a pair of pants that will work for the weekend or the office. I'm so excited! Dave also got the girls two dresses at Gymboree but I'm feeling a little buyer's remorse about those ones... they were full price. Yikes.

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christine said...

I hate the dentist--last year I had to go for two root canals within 6 months of each other. I can't imagine trying to take a little one to get it done. I had a hard enough time myself! Good luck with this!