Saturday, March 10, 2007

A to Z: All About Me!

A to Z: All About Me
vailable or not: In August I will have been married for 7 yeras

Best friend: Dave, my sweetie
Cake or pie: CAKE, especially chocolate cake
Drink of choice: Water
Essential items used daily: Toothbrush, hairbrush, scriptures, pump
Favorite color: Red
Gummy bears or worms: Bears
Hometown: Lacey, WA for the most part
Indulgence: Chocolate
January or February: February, Dave and I celebrate our birthdays in February
Kids and names: Lacy 2, and Rose 9 months
Life is incomplete without: My wonderful husband and my sweet girls
Marriage date: August 5 2000
Number of siblings: Dale, Leslie, Mark and Kurt
Oranges or apples: Depends on my mood! Both are yummy
Phobias or fears: Heights
Quote (favorite): "Mommy, I lud jew so much" -Lacy
Reason to smile: My kids getting into giggling fits together
Season: Spring, because I'm tired of this terrible winter weather!
Tag 3 people: You, you and you!
Unknown fact about me: My daughter Lacy is probably the only girl named Lacy who was born in the city of Lacey, WA. There is no hospital in Lacey but we lived in the city limits and had a planned homebirth with her. The home she was born in is now actually owned by a childhood friend of mine.
Vegetables you don't like: Are mushrooms considered a vegetable? Cause I can't stand them. I also dislike canned peas.
Worst habit: Procrastinating
X-rays: Most recent was for my teeth.
Your favorite food: Lately, I've been craving salmon. I also love Hawaiian Haystack.
Zodiac sign: Pisces


christine said...

Ah, a fellow chocolate lover! One indulgence I really like is Green & Black's Organic Dark Chocolate. You can get it in the states--if you can find it..its worth every penny (it will probably cost you $3.00 for a bar)!!!!

Carolyn said...

Yes, I'm a HUGE fan of gourmet chocolate. HAS to be dark, as dark as possible. LOVE it.

I'll look for the Green & Black's. We have a lot of places in town that might carry it so I'll go hunting! I'm a big supporter of organic and sustainable farming, so finding an organic chocolate bar will be just the ticket for me.

christine said...

I like Green & Black's--they were the first company in the UK to ever carry a product that was fair trade (mayan gold chocolate). I also like ethical consumerism and believe people really have the power to change the way big businesses work. An example of this is the organic movement that's happened over here in London the last few years. People have really taken an interest in good food and so the stores have catered to it. Fair trade, recycling and bio-degradable packaging eventually followed as well as the fact that the price has gone WAY down for organic food (its only a few pennies more!). The store I shop at "Tesco's" actually gives Clubcard 'green points' (like Safeway) for bringing your own bags instead of using the stores' which I think is absolutely great. I wish the states were more consistent about taking an interest in stuff like this--it seems like it depends where you live to how much they care.

The thing I like about organic food is the fact it tastes a lot stronger so you need less--its this way with the chocolate I've recommended. Its 70% dark chocolate which as you know for this reason will have more 'healthful' properties.

Sorry for the length of this--I like talking about decent stuff like the environment and organic food!