Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Amazing Lacy!

This picture is Lacy in January 2005, about 6 months old (a little younger than Rose is currently). I'm posting this for the benefit of someone who wanted to see my homemade diapers. I need to take some pictures of Rose in them, because I made several new ones! The one she's wearing has since worn out and been replaced. I now use snaps instead of touchtape closures.

Anyway. Lacy likes to talk on the phone. She often successfully makes phone calls using the last number redial function on my cell phone. I had just talked to Dave and read an email about my nephew Turner going to the ER. I wanted to call my sister Leslie to get a status update, so I told Lacy to get my phone. I said to her that I needed to call Leslie. She wouldn't give me the phone and told me she was calling Leslie. I was certain she was calling Dave since I hadn't called Leslie last. The phone was ringing so I took a look at the display-- it said LESLIE HOME on it! How the heck did she do that? She's 2 1/2-- she can't read! At least I don't think she can read, I'm not so convinced now!

I am just blown away that she said she was calling Leslie AND she correctly dialed her number. What a funny kid!


christine said...

I think its good you use homemade diapers--so much better for the environment!

mollie said...

You are amazing Carolyn! You are setting such a good example for your beautiful girls! Happy New Year!