Saturday, December 23, 2006


OK, so this picture has nothing to do with the post I am about to make, but it is one of my favorite pictures of Rose. Since I got a request from my Father-in-law to add more pictures, I'll be happy do oblige. I do need to download all the pictures we have from both our cameras though-- haven't done that lately. I've been too exhausted! So the most current pictures downloaded to my computer are from October. Oops!

It seems that Lacy may have allergies. She's had a cough and a runny nose for about a week or two now. Dave talked to the pharmacist at Target yesterday, and after he described Lacy's symptoms, her opinion was that it was probably seasonal allergies. Which makes sense, since allergies run in both sides of the family. So we've put her on Claritin and Benedryl. Unfortunately it doesn't seem like Lacy gets the side effect from Benedryl that it makes her sleepy! I might give her half doses from now on because she was up until 10 last night. And she was TIRED. Cranky and naughty from about 6 pm. The Claritin will kick in in a couple of weeks so I have to help her allergies somehow.

Anyone have any suggestions on how to give her allergy medication so it doesn't interrupt her sleep and change her attitude?

In other news, we will be starting Rose on solids this weekend. Dave and I have decided that Rose is definitely ready to start! She's grabbing at food and looks at us longingly as we eat. She's 7 months old so I guess I'll relent and give her food. I just hate the whole spoon feeding thing. I might just give her the mesh feeder right from the start so I don't have to spoon feed her! I honestly don't understand how people can look forward to starting their children on solid foods. So messy and tedious! I just want them to do it themselves darn it! They'll eat when they need to! Until then, I'm perfectly happy to provide milk for them.

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