Monday, December 04, 2006

Kathleen's Stuff

Today we went through my mother-in-law Kathleen's things, who passed away a year ago August. It was tough for Dave to do it, but we got some really nice Christmas things. We have to finish up within the next week or two but it's hard for us to get out there with both of us working, Dave working in Seattle, and the little kids, too. We got some of her art which I'm grateful for.

Anyway I've gotten a request for more photos so I'll try to post a photo every time I post an update. One from tonight. I went down to find Lacy snuggled up with her cousin Jared (age 9) on the chair downstairs at Papa's house. The other is all of us dressed up for Christmas at cousin Allison's blessing yesterday.

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Angela said...

Wow, Carolyn, your hair is getting so long! Cute pic of your family!