Monday, December 11, 2006

Babysitting dilemma

I had quite the dilemma today for babysitting. I couldn't find a babysitter anywhere. My regular babysitter was busy and besides Monday is her day off. My mom has book group and is providing the lunch so she couldn't skip it. My backup decided that her kids and my kids are too much (she has kids the same ages so I totally understand!). My other backup is due any second with her third so I can't really in good conscious ask her. Everyone else I know is either out of town or has babies or works themselves. So I was stuck. I was praying for a solution and the Lord gave me one.

Yes, BOTH my girls are sick. So I'm staying home.

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Angela said...

I was in that dilema myself recently! Not fun! I was totally stressed out but I finally found someone! Yeah!