Saturday, December 23, 2006

Doing our business

One of the benefits to elimination communication when you have an infant and a toddler is that it encourages your older child to be better and more consistent about potty training. She doesn't regress to be like little sister, since little sister goes on the potty, too. We have a variety of potties to choose from, and sometimes she chooses to use her little sister's potty. It's fun for her to get to choose. She does like having her own, though! Anyway, I thought it was pretty cute when they were going potty together one Sunday after church. Lacy's very sweet about "helping" her sister go potty.

Lacy's probably going to kill me for posting these pictures to the blog years from now (and actually, Rose probably will too!), but I think they're pretty darned cute. Another cute thing-- Lacy insisted on getting Curious George panties yesterday. I'm relived that it's Curious George she loves, not Barney or Dora (who isn't so bad but Dave can't stand her). I guess it's a little bit nostalgic for me, too.

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