Sunday, March 15, 2009

My Funny Lacy

  • Conversation between Lacy and me just a minute ago: "Mom, Let's talk about babies. First of all, do you want a boy or a girl?" "Well, I like girls a lot... But I also like boys...." "How about we have a hundred of girls and a hundred of boys." "Lacy, I am NOT having that many babies." "Not all at the same time! I know! How about we have TWINS!" She continued talking about babies and baby names for 10 minutes or so. She's obsessed. And I'm not even pregnant or anything. She just loves babies and wants a baby sibling.
  • Today is Dave's mom's birthday. She passed away in August 2005 when Lacy was a wee one. Lacy asked me today if it was anybody's birthday, and I told her that it was Grandma Kathleen's birthday. She excitedly confirmed that fact with her dad and came back it, "It IS Grandma Kathleen's birthday! I'm going to say a prayer to wish her a happy birthday! (folds arms and bows head) Happy birthday Grandma Kathleen. I hope you have a great birthday. In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen." Very sweet of her to wish her Grandma a happy birthday. I hope she's looking down on her sweet granddaughter smiling today.
  • Lacy was hungry and told me, "Mom, I'm hungry for a snack. Something with a lot of sugar and ice creamy." "Hmmmm, how about some yogurt?" "No! (jumping up and down) ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!" She accepted the yogurt eventually and even asked for seconds (which is why I buy it in bulk, but I'm considering making my own like my cousin Jessie does).

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Momma Sarah said...

Oh too funny! 100s of kids, eh? Glad to hear you are on the mend! Teach me how to make homemade yogurt! I'm too scared to do it on my own!