Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Charmin Ultra Strong

We are not really a Charmin family. I like to buy other brands of toilet paper because Charmin is too darned soft and pillowy for me. But Dave was given a half a bag of Charmin Ultra Strong the other day so I'm using free toilet paper. So far so good.

As soon as Lacy saw the package of toilet paper, she exclaimed, "Charmin Ultra Strong!" We hadn't told her the brand of this bag of toilet paper yet, so I assume she got it from commercials. They do have really cute commercials, you know.

Last night Lacy was coughing a lot. I came in to check on her. She asked me, "Mom, can you get me some Charmin Ultra Strong please?"

Good grief. This was at midnight and the girl was half asleep! Talk about brand loyalty! I guess the Charmin commercials are doing the trick. At least for her.

Lacy is now banned from commercial TV for a while. She's been sick, so she's allowed to watch TV a bit more than usual. She's been watching PBS and movies exclusively.


Chanda said...

I bought some Charmin a few months ago as a nice treat for our behinds, instead of the cheap stuff we usually get. I discovered that I like the cheap stuff better. The Charmin is so thick that the kids kept clogging the toilet with it. The cheap two-ply is more kid friendly! Chris accidentally bought a huge bag of one-ply once and then a few months later I did the same thing. Definitely don't like the one-ply all the time for months.

Chanda said...

And that is so funny how Lacy knew what it was. Those commercials are pretty memorable.

Momma Sarah said...

LOL! That's too funny!

Angela said...

What a cute story! So funny! I am also bugged by how influential commercials are on my children. It definitely drives up the "I want"s. I like commercial free kid channels. Nice!