Friday, March 20, 2009

It's Spring! And Adventures in Purple Breadmaking

Finally, spring is here! I'm so, so excited about spring this year! We are busily getting the garden ready, and today I planted peas! And beets! And I will plant more early spring veggies tomorrow. Seriously, can't wait. Lacy planted peas in her garden too. And one beet. Rose just covered the swiss chard in dirt. It doesn't mind-- it is the plant that would not die.

I also made bread today. This is probably my best bread that I've ever made, that doesn't happen to contain wheat. It also doesn't contain rice. My first attempt at wheat-free bread making resulted in a loaf of bread that was nothing more than a steaming rice loaf. It was disgusting. It would have tasted great with some stir fry on top, or with some curry. But on a sandwich? Yuck. Today's bread came from a cookbook my brother Mark gave me for my birthday. It's in the Gluten-Free Gourmet series, and it is a wonderful book. Everything I've made from this book has turned out great and tastes great, too.

I'm sure all of you are wondering- purple bread? What gives? The bread I made today was made from ground popcorn. The popcorn I happened to have in my pantry is black. When ground, black popcorn makes purple flour. We had loads of fun mixing the bread and watching it as it rose. It was a lovely lavender color. I wish I took pictures of it in the pans! I am almost out of black popcorn so I may never make purple bread again.

The bread, hot from the oven. Looks like a normal loaf of bread.

But looks can be deceiving.

The verdict? It's good!
And one more, from the other day when we got snow (yes, in March. What's going on?).
Lacy made a miniature snowman, complete with baby carrot nose. Don't mind the messy house, we had the flu. Which is why I've taken about 6 pictures total this month.

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