Monday, March 16, 2009


We had a fire in our house today. Seriously. And it was Rose's fault.

I had dinner in the oven. I kept telling Rose to quit opening the oven. But she kept doing it over and over, so I took us all out of the kitchen. Well, eventually Rose snuck away from me and I didn't notice, because she came back with a worried look on her face. I was trying to figure out what happened, when I suddenly started smelling smoke.

She opened the oven the whole way, put an oven mitt on the element, and it caught fire. Smoking, burning fire. Fortunately, it wasn't too far gone so I was able to lift it up and put it in the sink to put out the fire.

In the process I scared Dave because we were talking on the phone and suddenly I said, "O my gosh! I have to go!" *click* He called back a minute later and by then the fire was out and I was airing out the house. I feel really bad that I scared him like that, but I had fires to put out! Literally!


Momma Sarah said...

OH MY! Glad it wasn't more serious! Bet your heart was really pumping, huh? Do you think she got the message NOT to play with the oven?

Hannah said...

Wow. That must run in the family. That has happened to us twice... at least.

Blonde African Americans said...

Cute story!