Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Is this the flu?

We've had a bug in our house. And I'm mighty suspicious that it's the flu. Let's review the FACTS: flu symptoms include Fever, Achiness, Chills, Tiredness and Sudden Symptoms. For Dave, this has been true. He got these symptoms while working on Thursday and after work he came home and slept for the rest of the day. Friday he scarcely got out of bed and had the chills pretty bad. Body aches were a main complaint of his as well. He also complianed of sinus pressure and a runny nose.

I got the bug Sunday night and while I haven't noticed chills or a fever, I also usually get a milder version of whatever illness is going around thanks to my Immune System of Steel. I'm sure if I actually paid more attention to what food went into my body I wouldn't get sick at all. My body aches horribly all the time, my arms are heavy and I am exhausted from doing 1/4 of my normal workload (if that), and I also have sinus pressure and a runny nose.

Last night Rose got a fever and today she's been battling the fever, has had episodes of chills, and has been extremely tired, taking a nap while watching movies and also falling asleep at 8 pm tonight which is very unusual for a nap day.

Thus far Lacy has escaped symptoms completely. I'm hoping this continues, though having a day where she's sleepy wouldn't be so bad... for several nights this week she's fought going to sleep and doesn't go to sleep until after 10. A night of zzzz's by 8 would be heaven at this point.

We've been eating oranges and vitamin C tablets like crazy around here. So what do you think? Flu? Or something else?


Momma Sarah said...

Sorry to hear you are all down and out! This year, I am swearing by garlic, honey, and chicken soup! Sounds like a milder version of what we had a month ago and the fresh garlic and honey seemed to wipe it out for me. I hid it in the kids food because they wouldn't take my 'weird stuff' plain. ha ha!

Affe said...

I hope you all get better soon.

Angela said...

Maybe your immune systems are just handling it differently. It sounds like the flu to me but maybe not. It is so hard to know. Either way, I hope you all feel 100% soon! :)

Carolyn said...

Yeah, I'm still feeling symptomatic and last night I totally had fever/chill cycles. I'm about 80% convinced it's the flu. I think I'm going to lay low for a few more days!

Emily said...

Ha! Considering your husband came down with it after coming to our house for like three minutes while I had the flu, I'm voting flu!