Friday, January 02, 2009

Piano practice blog

Since one of my goals this year is to practice piano every day for approximately 1 hour, or at least as much as I can, I thought I would blog my practice. I'd like to do a daily blog to go over what I have worked on and what I learned during my practice sessions. For those who would like to see where I am, please visit my piano practice blog, See Mom Play! I'm looking forward to learning new works by great composers, re-polishing works that I once performed at recitals or began to learn but never finished, improving my technical ability, and increasing my knowledge of theory and music history.

Other goals for this year is to read the Doctrine and Covenants, go to bed at a reasonable time (whoops! Off to a bad start already), get up at a reasonable time, and keep the house reasonably tidy. It would also be nice if I could lose 20 pounds-- I can't believe I lost most of my baby weight and gained so much of it back! I have a personal rule for myself that I'm not allowed to get pregnant if I'm not back down to my pre-pregnancy weight. So I guess I have a few months at least before Dave and I start talking about babies again.

I set too many goals for myself last year and I failed miserably in so many areas that I really don't want to review my goals for 2008. I probably will anyway, but it's so depressing that I'm not sure I really want to for a while. Perhaps when I get my routine down this year and start making headway on my new goals for 2009 I can do that.

Happy New Year, everyone!

And with that, a video of my kids as monsters, from this evening. This was right before spiritual time, and I can say that the girls weren't very spiritual when we began reading scriptures just a few minutes after this was shot. Rose wouldn't repeat the words I asked her to, and Lacy made up movements to a song that is a sitting still song and struggled with reciting the articles of faith (we're working on #11 now!). Even the threat of a frowny face drawn upon her chore and attitude chart didn't get her to cooperate! She cried while she was doing what she was asked (mostly because she didn't get to watch "Elf" today like I said she could). With that... a note to self. Do not get the kids all riled up right before bed. But they were SO DARNED CUTE! They started acting like monsters after their bath when I was putting "tickle stuff" and "eye makeup" on them (that's our words for the topical steroids that they have to use for their rashes-- a stronger prescription for their bodies and a weaker one for sensitive areas like their eyelids, since steroids can weaken and thin the skin if used too much). I love the way they roar. Lacy just wants extreme close ups and Rose has trouble with instructions. As you will be able to tell right away.

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