Sunday, January 11, 2009

Scripture Power

Tonight at spiritual time, Lacy was having a heckuva time paying attention. When it was her time to read, she was turned around, completely not paying attention, but still somehow repeating everything I said. What she repeated went something like this: "And now behold, even as there was once a girl who was turned around during the reading of the scriptures, even though it was not good in the eyes of her mother and father, yet she still remained turned, and this girl was named Lacy, and she was reading the scriptures..." when she FINALLY caught on that she needed to turn around!

She continued to not pay attention, and in the verses following there is metion of sheep and a wolf. I asked her what animals were mentioned, and she said, "I don't know, a zebra? A zebra and a horse?"


Blonde African Americans said...

Wow, how often do you have spirtial time? is it like quiet time or family time?

Carolyn said...

We have spiritual time every night before bedtime. It consists of reading scriptures (usually only 5 verses), reciting the articles of faith that Lacy has memorized (they are basically proclamations of our beliefs, 13 in all), singing a hymn or two, saying prayers, followed by family hugs and kisses.

Mona said...

I came across your blog on Mormon Mommy blogs and loved looking through it. We raised our four kids with "Song and Prayer" time every night at bedtime...complete with scriptures, prayer and a SONG -- they are all young adult musicians now - so you might consider adding a Primary song and even a hymn (little ones learn them just as easily as a Primary song with repetition). I see too that you've taken the Healthy Living Challenge. My post this week is one you would be interested in and relate to: "Whose Body Is It Anyway?" I'd love to get your take on it.