Wednesday, January 14, 2009

She fell asleep!

My Roozer fell asleep on her own, by herself tonight! I know, for most people, that is not a big deal for a 2 1/2 year old. But this doesn't happen very often in our house. I'm hoping to wean her soon, so it's nice to be on our way toward that goal. After the usual nursing, she was still awake, so I put her in bed with a sippy cup of water, and she fell asleep. Lacy wasn't even asleep yet, so they didn't distract each other! I'm hoping to move Lacy to the big bed in her room this summer, and Rose to the toddler bed at the same time, and move it from our room to the girls' room. It will be so weird to sleep all by ourselves after all these years.

In other news, Dave got his allergy test results back. He is allergic to bananas (duh!) and wheat. Nothing else came up positive. They said the banana allergy wasn't all that bad, probably because he has avoided bananas now for about 6 or 7 years (he used to eat them all the time, but it was waning when we got married and it soon turned into this allergy he now has). The wheat allergy is mild, but I don't know if it is an avoid gluten thing or an avoid wheat thing. I'm going to talk to him about what course of action to take tomorrow. I'm thinking possibly a short term elimination diet like we did with dairy when Lacy was a baby, avoiding wheat intirely and completely for several months, and then adding it back in in small doses, and not every day. We've been eating a ton of rice lately, so I'm sure we'll continue on that path.

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Blonde African Americans said...

Feel free to call me any time.Dave has my cell number. Potato flour and potato starch are two different things. I don't use potato flour much. Sorghum is a type of grain that does not have wheat or gluten and it is really mild in baked goods. I don't see why you can't grind your own rice will need brown rice and white rice ( I believe long grain) and I believe short grain sticky or sushi rice for the sweet rice flour. I have some new flours and am measuring them out to see what the cost is. Be careful with regular oats, they get contaminated pretty easy with wheat, but Dave will be able to tell if it bothers him or not. Also, things like couscous are made with wheat flour. It is my goal to update new things each week and I posted some things about flours etc for you today. I am also trying an easy pizza recipe tonight and Bob's red mill has a pizza mix that is not too bad you may want to try first around 3$ util you get use to everything.