Monday, January 05, 2009

Healthy Living Challenge

I'm now a contributor to my friend Kathy's new blog, Healthy Living Challenge 2009. I will be participating in the challenge and this will help keep me accountable. My goal is to lose at least 20 pounds my earning 8 points per day (except Sunday). I get points for reporting, exercising, drinking water, taking a multi-vitamin, and more.

Today, so far, I have done 20 minutes of cardio yoga, drank 24 oz. of water, taken my multi-vitamin, and had snack balls for breakfast instead of granola. Snack balls is actually Kix, which is whole grain and has 3 g. of sugar per serving, so it fits within the parameters of this challenge.

I'm hoping to lose the weight in 12 weeks, and then I'll do some sort of modified version of the challenge for the rest of the year to keep the weight off.


Mommy Bee said...

I notice a lot of people are starting to use the internet as a way to be accountable for their goals (me included). Hey, it's where our friends are, right?!
Good for you. I don't have weight concerns but I do want to improve some habits, be more active, and just get out more--I think it will help with my depression, and both the kids and the dog need more outside time.

Blonde African Americans said...

Tell Dave he is the first Nadeau that I have ever heard of to watch a Football Game

Kathy said...

Yeah! Glad you are joining in!

Jeff and Jessie said...

Do you actually HAVE 20 lbs to lose? Good luck-you can do it!!!