Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Bikes

OK, I know I haven't done Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, or Boxing Day yet. That's all to come (maybe). The girls both got new wheels for Christmas. Lacy got a bike and Rose got a scooter. Since Lacy's bike was way too small (really it's more appropriate for Rose anyway) and she already had a scooter, we thought that would be a great solution so they'd both have one of each.

Unfortunately, with 2 feet of snow on the street in front of our house, there was nowhere for the kids to ride around on their new wheels. So we took them to the church and let them ride around in the gym for about a half hour or so. They had a blast!

This video is of the girls riding. Rose was originally singing at the top of her lungs, which is why I started recording, but right after that Lacy took over and belted out "Jingle Bells" while riding around on her bike. So it's some action footage with music for your enjoyment!

And one more of Lacy with the giggles. She really had fun, and LOVES her new bike! I think we're going to teach her to ride without the training wheels this summer.

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