Monday, November 24, 2008

Good Eats

Seriously, there is nothing more satisfying than wholesome, natural food. Unfortunately, so much quality food is so expensive. I have resorted recently to buying cheap ground beef with insane amounts of fat and hormones, antibiotics, and the works, because I am unable to afford natural beef at this time. I do the same for chicken.

Fortunately, we won't have to be doing much of that anymore. Our family has been blessed with some venison! Dave was able to make a really good shot today-- uphill at 60 yards-- which pierced the buck's lung. It is a good sized buck which we will enjoy having in our freezer. We already had some tonight, despite Dave getting the buck this morning. It tasted pretty good, though it was a bit gamey. Dave attributes this to the fact that it is a buck and that it was "in the rut." A few days' hanging will help the flavor of the venison to become less gamey. It is cold enough that Dave can probably leave it several days in our friends' barn. Unless he gets an elk tomorrow, in which case the deer will have to come down and the elk up. I don't think I'll complain about gaminess if that occurs!

On to the pictures... CAUTION!! Dead animal and messy tailgate photos to follow:

Lacy is a proud hunter's daughter. She always likes to pose with her daddy when he gets something good to eat.

And of course there are always the fowl that he brings home... lately it's been goose, but we have also often have grouse and duck. I'm so spoiled! Except I have to clean up the feathers. Eh. No thanks.

(which is why I have feathers scattered on my back deck still)

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