Tuesday, November 04, 2008

DIY Halloween

This year Lacy decided to be a cheerleader for Halloween. I had one cheerleader skirt that I borrowed from my sister, and some purple and white pom poms that matched. I was able to get some dollar store red pom poms for Rose, but I needed a skirt. I took a look at the fabric I had in my stash. I didn't have much in the color scheme I was going for, but I did find several squares of fabric that were intended for a quilt. The large red and white striped squares were about 9 inches square (maybe a little smaller), so I cut them in half and made ten 4.5x9 inch strips of fabric. I found some yellow squares in my stuff and I cut them so they were just over 2 inches wide. The yellow fabric was shorter than the red fabric. At this point I wasn't sure how I was going to deal with that issue.

I pinned them together and sewed them into a fabric.
I ended up needing 10 red and 10 yellow strips to make a skirt that was wide enough for my skinny minnie Rose. The rule of thumb with pleats is to triple the waist measurement. Rose's waist is about 16 inches, so I needed 48 inches of fabric to make a nice pleated cheerleader skirt.

Now I started pleating. I made outward pleats, meaning I pleated the first half one direction and the other half the opposite direction. This post on Sew Mama Sew shows a nice picture of an outward pleat (it is the second picture down). I did my pleats a little differently because I had short fabric in between the red fabric. I ended up sewing the sides together to make the pleat and connect the top fabric, leaving the yellow fabric unsewn at the top. Since the fabric was 4.5 inches wide, I wanted to end up with 2 inch pleats. I folded the pleats the way I wanted them, and sewed them all together on the folds. This left me with a nice, full skirt and a little less bulky waistline that I could fold over and add elastic into without having to worry about it being super bulky and uncomfortable. This is the inside view of the skirt after it was finished:

Here is the skirt before hemming and other finishing was completed:
The fullness of the skirt is demonstrated here:
All that was left was to hem it.
I ended up going over all the seams later with a zig zag stitch because it was unraveling a lot. My serger is broken, otherwise I would have serged the strips together and not had to worry about unraveling.

I ended up not adding elastic because, hey, it stayed on and it's just a halloween costume. I may add elastic later, but I doubt it. This was a simple project that only took about 2 hours from start to finish.

The final results were very cute!

This is a very inexpensive and very cute costume that can be used as a dress up after Halloween is over. It's pretty simple to make and is easy enough for even impatient sewers like myself!

Happy Halloween! And don't forget to vote today!


Kathy said...

Want to make my kids' costumes next year?

Les said...

That turned out so cute. And so free. Way to be such a tightwad!