Wednesday, May 28, 2008

What's With Wednesday?

A short recap:

Two weeks ago Wednesday, Dave took the day off to be with me and the girls while the girls had surgery.

A week ago Wednesday, Dave went in to work but was sent home because he was sick.

Last night, our water main broke in our front yard, so Dave is taking as much time as he needs off until it is fixed. Another Wednesday, another day of not working. He's really hoping to get back to work before noonish so he can have half a day's pay at least, and it looks like it very well could happen.

So yesterday after Rose went to bed, I noticed that we had virtually no water pressure. I checked the other sink, and yup, same thing. So I told Dave, who got some shoes and went to check with the neighbors to see if they had pressure.

He didn't have to go far. In the front yard was a geyser shooting up about 3-4 feet high. He immediately gets to work, trying to find the right tools to turn off the water. He had to borrow tools and a shovel because one of ours is missing and the other clearly got run over. Dang! So he starts digging and finally finds the darned pipe at almost 11 o'clock, with the help of our friend Chris. It has about a 5 inch crack in it. I wonder how long it had been cracked like that! Our water bill last month was for over 1000 units more than the previous month, but we watered the garden a lot. I'm wondering if the pipe's been cracked for some time and we didn't notice last month because of all the watering of the lawn we did.

Well, I'm trying to look at the bright side. At least it wasn't geysering all night, with Dave waking up this morning to a muddy mess in the front yard. It was probably only shooting up water like that for a half hour or so. At least it happened on a Tuesday night, not a Thursday night, where Dave would have to miss overtime work.

Just when we start getting comfortable, something like this always happens.

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