Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's on!

Rose's dental work has been pre-authorized now, and assuming everything else goes as planned, we will have two kids going in to the Surgery Center on Wednesday. Dave is planning to take that day off to spend time helping me take care of the kids. I guess I have to work really hard to make sure the house is spotless (for me) before that day so I can focus on helping my little kiddos get well. I've rearranged the girls' gymnastics schedule so they can attend Tuesday instead of Thursday, since I doubt at least Lacy will not be up for gymnastics yet.

Speaking of which, we had it again today. It was a lot of fun for Lacy anyway, and Rose did marginally better. We'll give it another 6 weeks or so before we throw in the towel! She just won't do most of the stuff in the obstacle course, and won't do balance beams. She likes the opening exercises, the trampolines, and today showed interest in the cube pit. Lacy loves her class, loves her teacher, and loves everything about gymnastics! Except, she doesn't follow directions well or pay attention to the teacher. She's a bit of a space cadet at times, but I've been accused of the same so I'm sure she gets it from me. Lucky kid.

We had a busy day today, running errands all morning after gymnastics and taking a break at home. We went to the bank to iron out some problems we'd had with the way they set up our accounts, tried for the fourth time to pick up the 11-drawer tool box we have a raincheck on, and went to the coop for a few groceries.

I've been making an effort to conserve gas. I deliberately don't drive anywhere for at least two days a week, and the effort is paying off! I just switched to the second gas tank today, and I filled up almost two weeks ago! Usually I'm halfway through the second tank already, and running on fumes by Monday morning. Go me!

Today Dave surprised me by coming home early! He actually got off around 3:15, but said he was on a break when he called asking some questions. Around 3:40 he called back updating me about our plans tonight and said, "Gotta get back to work!" I didn't realize that "work" was getting my mother's day present ready! He came home with a gift certificate for a haircut, a manicure/pedicure treatment, a card from him and another card from the girls, and an absolutely beautiful hanging potted flower. It's now hanging by our front door. Gorgeous! What a wonderful guy I married. Hopefully I can get him something awesome for Father's Day. Anyone have any ideas? He had the girls come out and "sign" the card, and Lacy delivered it to me. It was so sweet! He figured he wouldn't have time to do this any other time, so he'd better get it done now!

Tonight we went to Charlie's Safari. It's kind of like Chuck E. Cheese's, only 1,000,000 times better. It's locally owned and operated, and is just absolutely wonderful. It has a bunch of bounce house type things, a toddler play area, a huge play center that is like a good McDonald's PlayPlace on steroids, an indoor basketball court (like, 1/8 court), laser tag, arcade games, pizza, and mini golf. Rose liked the toddler area and the Helicopter bounce house and original bounce house, and Lacy liked both the bounce house slides. We will be going again sometime in the future. It's around $8 a kid over age 2 (and they charge for the under-2 set as well) but parents are free, at least for the bounce house/play areas. Mini golf and laser tag are additional. Anyway, tonight was a preview night for the vendors, and Dave's really good friend Tom installed the fire suppression system in the kitchen and invited us to come along. We're glad we did! We were out late and the kids got to bed way too late, but we had such a good time.

Afterward, we exchanged Dave's boots for a new pair. He got the kind of boots he really wanted, and he'll probably be happy with them. Work boots are sure expensive! I hate spending $100 for boots every couple of years! But, he has to have them, and he needs good boots since he's had some foot problems recently. Thank goodness for a good podiatrist!

Tomorrow is another busy day. I'm going to go to Costco to pick up a few things, but before that I hope to get a little cleaning done around the house. Then maybe we'll play at Leslie's house for a while, and go home later that evening. Dave is going fishing tomorrow night, so we won't see him until after bedtime. Saturday I'm hoping to go to my midwifery clinic's annual mother's day picnic. I don't know what I'll make for that yet.

I'd better get to bed! Three people are snoring in my room and it really ought to be four. Actually none of us should be snoring as it is disruptive of sleep. Hopefully Lacy won't snore anymore after next week. I can't believe she's having surgery. I'm totally having second thoughts on whether this is necessary surgery or not. At least my surgeon is my bishop, so I'm feeling a little better about it. I doubt he would recommend an unnecessary surgery to a member of his ward. Or, at least, I hope he wouldn't!

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Les said...

Yes, it's necessary. Don't second guess yourself. It's going to be a hard couple of days, but it will make a world of difference!