Thursday, May 01, 2008


We had gymnastics again today. Lacy loved it. Rose had her first class and, well, she didn't really know what to do with herself. I think it is a bit advanced for her. We'll try it for a month or two, and if she doesn't start getting it, we'll dis enroll her for a while and just focus on Lacy for a while. Lacy has shown improvement even from just going twice. This may be her thing. I hear from some very reliable sources that it can get very expensive (in the thousands per month even) so I don't know if we can handle having her in gymnastics competitively. But for now, it's teaching her balance, coordination and helping her to become strong.

Afterward we visited Leslie and her brood, who were all home from school today due to well child visits. We hung out, nobody napped, and now everyone is falling apart. Dave is out fishing tonight, so we're going to eat in a few minutes and then we'll start the bedtime routine. Hopefully they'll be in bed tonight by about 7! That would be lovely. We'll see.

And a Lacyism... Lately she's been doing the whole "Close your eyes! Ok, now OPEN YOUR EYES!" thing, but she doesn't really get it. She'll say, "Mom, close your eyes. Open your eyes. (very excitedly) I'm going to gymnastics today!!!" Like closing my eyes and opening them again makes the statement so much more exciting!

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