Sunday, May 18, 2008

I told her...

I didn't care where she slept as long as she stayed in the bedroom. She really wanted to be out with us. This is how I found her a few minutes ago as I was preparing to come to bed.

Another one from today. Rose and Lacy only have one outdoor chair to share, so sometimes they fight over it. Today, they compromised.

We had a nice day today. I took Rose to church and Dave stayed home with Lacy, since she's still cranky and moody from the surgery. She's adjusting to needing less sleep (hence her being awake until 10:30 tonight for the upteeth time since the surgery). Lacy was very sad to have to miss Sunbeams, but she called her teacher before church, crying with tears running down her face while she told her she had to miss, asking her to prepare the handouts for her to take home. She was comforted only by the offer of ice cream from her dad. The teacher wrote her a really sweet note and sent home some activities relating to being thankful for hands.

Tonight after church we barbequed and hung out outside. After dinner we played with bubbles until the girls spilled all our bubble solution (Les, do you have a bubble recipe?) then the girls had popsicles. I admired my newly formed grass and watered my garden and lawn. It was a pleasant evening, but tomorrow's a work day and home blessing hour, so we're going to be busy yet again. Lacy's itchin' to leave the house, so I'm not sure how we'll fit that in.

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Les said...

I don't have a good bubble recipe...sorry