Monday, December 01, 2008

Santa's Coming to Town!

We had the ultimate privilege of seeing Santa not once, but TWICE today! We went shopping at Target, and there he was, shopping for toys with his signature white beard. He wasn't wearing his suit though-- just a red t-shirt. That was really fun!

Later on, he put his red suit back on and with the help of our local firemen, went through the neighborhood collecting food for families that don't have enough to eat. We gathered up what we could give and sat outside waiting for Santa.

Oh yeah-- it was raining, too.

After what seemed like an eternity, he finally arrived, and we went up to his helpers (not elves this time) and gave them our donation. In return, we got candy canes! We had a lot of fun out in the rain waiting for Santa. Lacy reminded Santa that she wants a new bike for Christmas. Hopefully her Christmas wish will come true!

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Janet said...

We got to see Santa at Costco once with Regan. It was so fun for her to see and recognize who it was. We talked to him and he gave us his card. It was such a fun experience.