Monday, December 08, 2008

I'm going to be brave

and post this really awful version of Clair de Lune for y'all. I've been practicing again for a little over a month now, and this song in particular for about two weeks. I used to be really good at this song. I think this song is the one that got me my scholarship. But that happened almost 13 years ago. So needless to say I'm a little rusty.

You can hear the page turning but you can't hear any dynamics (go figure-- I swear I played something other than forte during this 5 minutes!). And I have some pretty bad goofs during the song. Not to mention my piano is 104 years old with the original felts and strings, so it's a bit out of tune and has some issues, including a squeaky pedal. I'm going to post this song again in a couple weeks so you can see how I've improved. Hopefully by then I can figure out how to post it as an MP3 so you don't have to download it next time.

With no further ado... here goes nothing.

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Janet said...

"You filled my heart with Joy!"