Friday, December 19, 2008

Winter Wonderland

It's not even technically winter yet, but I sure could be fooled by looking outside right now! We have somewhere between 11-12 inches of snow in our backyard. We're planning on having a nice day of hunkering down and playing in the snow, thanks to the snowpants that Leslie so kindly donated to us!

And on to some pictures...

After the first snow earlier this week
Snow Angels
And now this is what it looks like today. I love the frosted look of the evergreen trees

A view into the neighbor's yard
Our backyard
And this should give you an idea of how deep the snow is! This is a cooler on our deck. We measured the snow between 11-12 inches on the top of this cooler.
And the crazy thing is, the snow's not even done yet! We are expected to get between 3 and 6 inches this weekend! And every time they make a guess, we always get more than that because we're at the base of the foothills. Most everywhere else in town got about 6 inches or so. A family that lives 4 miles from here got 16 inches! We're going out there tonight to check it out :)

I'll post more outside pictures when we all go play outside later today! I'll have to dig out my ski pants so I don't get wet. It will be lots of fun!

But, the snow should start melting away by Wednesday when it is predicted to rain. Just in time for Christmas. Yee-haw.


Mommy Bee said...

I remember when I lived in WA and we took pictures of snow. LOL!

Kevin and Lynne Smith said...

WOW. I did not think it would drop that much snow in the PNW. So much for global warming!

Momma Sarah said...

Hey you guys! Who would have guessed that WE'd get that much snow? Crazy! Love reading and catching up on your blog!
~Sarah Arnold