Monday, June 23, 2008

TV-free Day

I decided Lacy has been watching too much TV lately, so today I announced we were having a TV-free day. Lacy cheerfully said, "OK!" She hasn't even asked to watch TV all day long. At lunch, I asked Lacy what she wanted to do during Rose's nap time, and she chose her Princess coloring book and markers. She is a little louder than usual, and interrupted me with an almost sleeping Rose twice, but Rose eventually went down and Lacy has been finding things to do all afternoon. Monday is my heavy-duty chore day, so it's been impressive that she hasn't even asked, or even hinted at wishing she could turn the TV on!

I also started a chore chart for Lacy today. She has four daily chores: make her bed, put away books, put away toys, and another chore I assign her. On Sundays, she gets a "free" day, but all others she will get a simple chore, such as dusting or cleaning the dining room window. When she completes her chore, she can put a sticker on the spot for that day and that chore.

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Les said...

yay, lacy! what a big, responsible girl!