Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Father's Day

We all slept in really, really late for Father's Day this year. Like, until almost 11 o'clock. That meant waffles for brunch, showers or baths for everyone, and rush out the door for 1 o'clock church. Dave did Lacy's hair and she got lots of compliments about it.

Before we left, Lacy gave her dad the gifts we bought for him-- a sun shield for his car winshield (he has no a/c, so it gets HOT in there!), a kite, and a new box of drill bits. Eventually, if they will ever restock it, we will be getting a tool chest for him as well. It has 11 drawers and is perfect. I have a coupon to buy it for a huge discount, but unfortunately Harbor Freight hasn't had it in stock for a looooong time, and I can't afford to drive up to Tacoma to pick one up!

At church, I played piano for the children. They were doing a musical number, so I played while they stood up at the front of the church looking cute. That's pretty much all they did, because I ended up playing a piano solo. Oh well, at least they were cute. The thing that bugs me about this is that LACY KNOWS ALL THE SONGS! She was singing it in the car after church! Why didn't she sing IN the church?

After church, we met Dave's family at Burfoot Park. We had lots of fun playing with cousins and running around the park. Dave flew the kite with the girls, who loved that. Kelly had to laugh at Rose, who has perfected the art of getting her picture taken. At the top of the slide she would wait and smile, giving me time to take a picture. At the bottom, she would stop at the end, look up and smile. Kelly got a really cute picture of her at the bottom of the slide. Unfortunately, I forgot a memory card, so I only had room for a few pictures on my internal memory card.

Posing at the top of the slide
Rose is quite the little monkey. This is her favorite thing to do at gymnastics, too!

Posing again... I was hoping Allison would look at the camera, too, but this is the best we could do!
Lacy enjoyed playing on the playground, too. She was busy, and usually with Brenda or someone else other than me, so I didn't get many pictures of Lacy.

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